Establishing Boundaries

Credit — Juan Diaz Faes

Once upon a time, I used to pride myself on not having filters, checklists, deal-breakers or idols. I had never found them to serve me well nor was I sure life would be any better with these predetermined goals or limitations. I understood the utility of speeding through life with fewer mistakes but then again I felt this ease would take away many of its charms. I still find them burdensome but I am now also sufficiently jaded to establish boundaries, the laws that govern my sense of self-worth and tolerance. It means openly admitting that I finally know myself well-enough to share what I dislike. Dishonesty, duplicity, apathy, discrimination and cigarettes. These are a few things that exist beyond my boundaries and I am done tolerating them for the sake of others. Life is too short to make choices caring for others but in spite of ourselves.

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Author: Sartaj Anand

Sartaj is an entrepreneur with an unreasonable dream to positively impact 1 billion human lives within his lifetime. He currently operates his holding company — egomonk— which has interests in consulting, media, events and travel. Sartaj considers himself a global citizen and has travelled, worked and co-created in more than 50 countries so far.

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