What happens to the ones who stay?

A litmus test isn’t a simple event with a binary result. Its outcome is revelatory and often transformational. And, during the course of our lives, we face several such tests in order to keep progressing to our next milestone.


The list is endless. And each milestone brings us face to face with a new challenge that demands an entirely different set of skills and values from us to succeed.

What got us here is never enough to get us where we need to go. That requires breaking down this version of ourself which we finally got to know and grew comfortable with. This shedding of our identity is an ordeal in itself and we must repeat it every few years.


You cannot do this by yourself. You must ask for help. You cannot stop. You must keep going. You cannot have it all, always. You must make compromises. You cannot have an extraordinary future without making unbelievable sacrifices.

All of this is a scary, unreal feeling that requires us to lean on others — our parents, employers, partners, children, and friends. Perhaps this is why courage and vulnerability go hand in hand. So, give an inch to those who stay the course with you. And if you can, give a mile.