I’m here to tell you the truth. And the truth is: whatever it is that you think you have complete control over is actually the shared responsibility of several people.

You may think you got here all on your own but you really didn’t. Sure, you put in a lot of work and deserve credit for it but you weren’t alone. Your life is the result of the tireless efforts of your partner, parents, siblings, family members and friends. Your laurels at work were born from the sleepless nights of your teammates, managers and mentors. You have always had an army of conspirators by your side.

Once you accept this reality you will allow yourself to succeed by placing the right bets. After all, life is an endless series of bets we all wager on people to not let us down, to not give up on us, to keep pushing us forward and a hundred other things. We cannot choose our family nor our place of birth but every other significant decision of our life is a choice. It may be an uncomfortable choice or perhaps even an unfair one but it is still a choice. And I’m betting on you to make the right one!