Can you tell?

Is a home the same as a house?

Most people would tend to agree. But what if you are dealing with someone who doesn’t know the difference or even worse doesn’t really care?

This situation plays out at work and at our homes every single day when we encounter people who drag us down. They don’t acknowledge their limitations and instead attempt to defend the indefensible. They behave unreasonably and this isn’t because they are limited by their intellect or resources but by their inconsistent belief systems. Their values keep shifting to meet their convenience. And it is critical then that we become aware of this difference.

Since the process through which people assign value to artifacts, relationships, opportunities and services is primarily an internal one, it is precisely this difference that decides which disagreements are justified, which compromises are worthwhile and which people are necessary in our lives. So, remember, it does not have to be bravery or fear that causes you to leave a house that does not know the definition of a home. It might as well be common sense.