What if we are our own heroes?

We love our heroes. They inspire us and give us hope. They lift us up when we are down. They become the voices in our heads that make sure we never back down from a challenge. We learn to lean on them. We use their courage to hide our fears and for a moment our flaws seem invisible to us.

But all heroes fall sooner or later. Some fall from grace, others life and a few from our recollection. These heroes never return to us. And we realize they were never our own. They were just mirrors for our soul to reveal our strengths and hide our weaknesses. But when our heroes fall we break; their ambitions are an unfinished mausoleum; their failures become our own; a small part of us dies with them.

So, give up the hope. Heroes are just ordinary people with an undying belief in themselves. And if you need to idolize someone then put in the work so you can believe in yourself. Trust me, we will all be better for it.