الـزمن لا يغيـر، الـزمن يكشـف.
Time doesn’t change, time reveals.

The longer we live the more aware we become of ourselves, our own flaws and the imperfections that live in others. We begin to see them in passing moments and then all at once always in everyone around us. Imagine visiting the ruins of your childhood garden in your youth and realizing that it was never as beautiful as you remembered it. Is this how we’re wired to cope with tragedy or romanticize nostalgia or perhaps even become kinder? Is it ever wrong to remember something better than how it was? I’m not sure but I do know this feeling. When we see possibility; what could be and not what is or was we welcome gratitude into our lives. No amount of fear and anger can then co-exist with it and we become what we saw with purpose. This is the story of human ambition.