These flowers pouring from my chest.

Forever once asked me at the very end, “What you have you done recently to make me feel proud of you?

I always believed love had left no room for vanity or fear to thrive but when I heard the question, I realized my efforts had been undone. This was my mountain, and I couldn’t move it then but I have my answer today.

Every single day as soon as I opened my eyes I couldn’t wait to see and be seen by her. She was always so breathtakingly beautiful in that morning light.

And I would say, “Good morning, beautiful.

These words came to me for years and my heart was so full that I knew they would all my life.

I love her with every ounce of me; as a believer loves god; free of doubt, unselfishly and to a fault. And I am becoming the best possible version of myself through her, even in her absence. This is what I am proud of.