When we begin things we do them out of love and excitement. There is a joy and contagious optimism in us that convinces us that whatever we’re about to do next will be our very best. This feeling is raw and untouched by our reality and flaws. In fact, it’s bulletproof. All the doubt, mistrust and hardship in the world can’t kill our belief in it. And this is how all worthwhile ideas, hobbies, projects, startups and relationships begin; us hoping to realize our potential and keeping the promises we made to ourselves.

What happens next is what life is supposed to be: excruciatingly real and mind-numbingly difficult. It is what it is. But what matters is how we end things. Do we bring all that we have started to a conclusion with just as much grace, care and hope as we began? Do we say goodbye with as much affection, intention and dignity as we could? We don’t. Why? Because failure has reduced the value of all this possibility to zero. And we tell ourselves over and over again that the only thing this graveyard deserves is our pity and shame.

If you can change one thing about yourself then please be kinder and change how you end things because it matters way more than how you begin them.