The best ideas are like viruses. They immediately infect you and spark loops of ideas and questions. This happened today when I read this on Seth's blog - "... what happens when you bring work that matters to people who care".

It made me wonder if organizations and the leaders who lead them are allowed to slow down or even pause to reflect. Do they break away from their busyness and make room to ask themselves difficult questions?

It all starts with asking yourself 2 fundamental questions: Are we doing the work that matters most? Do we really care about our work? If the answer to either question is a not a definitive yes then we must probe deeper so we can reset.

What does meaningful work look like? Does every day excite or at least inspire us to show up as our best selves? Are we solving problems that require our unique combination of intellect, talents and resources? Does the process mean as much to us as the outcome?

Businesses thrive when this sense of purpose and clarity successfully cascades through the entire organization. And so the best use of your time as a leader is to build bridges between the people in the room and their best work yet. Trust me, this way we all win.